◆ 4th CFF International Convention                          in Malaysia 2017

◆ Program: 4th CFF Convention        in Malaysia 2017

Program of 4th Convention in Malaysia 2017 (pdf file)
4th ConventionSchedule for each country.
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◆ CFF Malaysia Concert Nov. 25, 2017

CFFM concert short video clip.

Open FB;  https://www.facebook.com/abe.mitsuhiko.9?fref=search
Special Thanks from Jesselton philharmonic Orchestra team, we can play musical on the stage.

Video of the concert will be delivered soon.

wait a while.


CFFM director: M. Abe

◆  Minutes of the CFFI Conference 2017

Meeting Minutes of 24th Nov 2017
---- Reviewing the last two years ----
Meeting Minutes of 24th Nov 2017.pdf
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Meeting Minutes of 25th Nov 2017
---- Presentations of CFFs about Plans of Next Two Years ----
Meeting Minutes of 25th Nov 2017.pdf
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Meeting Minutes of 26th Nov 2017
---- 1. Sunday Service and Closing ceremony ----
Meeting Minutes of 26th Nov 2017.pdf
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◆ Cooperation Project Proposal

・ CFF Japan

Guideline for Cooperation with Overseas Partners
CFFJapanGuideline for Cooperation with O
PDFファイル 69.0 KB

・ CFF Philippines

CFF Philippines (Skill training)
CFFPhilippines(Skill training).pdf
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・ CFF Malaysia

CFF Malaysia(IT development)
CFF Malaysia(IT development).pdf
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・ CFF Myanmar

CFF Myanmar (Establishment)
CFFMyanmar (Establishment) .pdf
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CFF Myanmar (Sewing Project)
CFF Myanmar (Sewing Project).pdf
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